Limmud Vancouver is part of a global phenomenon that began in Great Britain in 1980 and has spread over the past three decades across the Jewish world. More than 60 Jewish communities from Bulgaria to Brazil now hold Limmud events.

Limmud has one goal: to take you one step further on your own Jewish journey.  An independent, pan-denominational, volunteer-based organization, Limmud Vancouver is dedicated to the creation of engaging opportunities to experience and celebrate Jewish learning and culture.

Limmud is a dynamic, pluralistic gathering for Jewish learning. Seminars, lectures, workshops, and discussions focus on an enormous range of topics, from social and political trends within Jewish communities and around the world, to Israeli culture, and from Jewish cooking to traditional texts, Yiddish theater, dance and music.

All participants are equal; all are free to choose topics they are interested in and select sessions they wish to attend. Among the lecturers are world renowned academics and journalists; others discuss hobbies and inspire everybody around. Presenters of one topic become participants in other workshops. All organizers, lecturers, and presenters are volunteers.

The success of Limmud depends on a spirit of volunteerism combined with participation — what we call volunticipation. We invite you to get involved to help create our  Limmud Vancouver conference.


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