Limmud Vancouver Comes to Local Synagogues

What is Shabbat Limmud (April 13-14, 2018)?

Shabbat Limmud is an opportunity for enthusiastic local synagogues to welcome special Limmud presenters from out of town.

Shabbat Limmud is a win for synagogues, out-of-town presenters, and Limmud Vancouver itself. The synagogue is treated to a special dvar Torah or class in the presenter’s area of expertise. The presenter enjoys relaxed time with locals, sharing conversation and possibly a meal. And Limmud Vancouver generates some extra excitement.

Shabbat Limmud events are free and open to the public. Be advised, however! After attending, you might find yourself motivated to attend Limmud! (But don’t wait until the last minute! Last year, we sold out before the day of Limmud — so don’t delay! REGISTER FOR LIMMUD VANCOUVER HERE.)

What’s Happening on Shabbat Limmud 2018?

This year, Congregation Beth Israel, Temple Sholom, and Or Shalom Synagogue are participating in Shabbat Limmud. Here’s this year’s Shabbat Limmud schedule:

Friday April 13: Lior Schillat speaks during Kabbalat Shabbat services at Congregation Beth Israel. Services begin at 6:00 pm.

Lior is Director General of the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, a Jerusalem based think-tank; Former advisor to Israeli Prime Ministers Sharon and Olmert; and experienced manager in the public and private sectors. At Limmud, he will speak about “DiverCity: Why Diversity is Jerusalem’s Best Hope” and “From Truman to Trump: Jerusalem between 1948 and 2018.”

Friday April 13: Alden Solovy speaks at Temple Sholom at 7:30 pm, followed by services at 8:15 pm.

Alden is a liturgist and teacher.  His writing explores the boundaries between poetry, meditation, personal growth, and prayer.  His latest book is This Grateful Heart: Psalms and Prayers for a New Day. Find him at At Limmud Vancouver, he will lead a workshop called “Liturgical Chevruta” and be interviewed by Marsha Lederman of The Globe and Mail about “An Israeli Life.”

Saturday April 14: Rabbi Natan Fenner offers the dvar Torah at Or Shalom Synagogue. Services begin at 10:00 am.

Natan is a rabbi and board-certified chaplain at the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center in San Francisco. He primarily supports people facing challenges of illness, aging, dying, and bereavement. At Limmud Vancouver, he will lead a workshop called “Approaching Mortality.”

Thank you Rabbi Jonathan Infeld and Beth Israel; Rabbi Dan Moskowitz and Temple Sholom; and Rabbi Hannah Dresner and Or Shalom for making Shabbat Limmud possible!