Lior Schillat: Limmud Featured Speaker

Lior_SchillatAt Limmud Vancouver, April 14-15, 2018, we’ll be welcoming several out of town speakers — including Jerusalem sociologist and urban planner Lior Schillat. Lior will be representing The Jerusalem Foundation.


Lior Schillat began his role as the director of the Jerusalem Institute in November 2016. He brings to this role over 15 years of experience in the public, political, and business sectors. Schillat began his professional path as the assistant to the former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and continued to become the director of the Department of Coordination, Inspection, and Evaluation in the Prime Minister’s Office. As the director of the Department, Schillat managed numerous large government projections including the first program for the development of Jerusalem and the program for the development of the Historic Basin of Jerusalem’s Old City. Following his position in the Prime Minister’s Office, Schillat filled numerous private and public roles in Israel, in the United States, and in Italy.


Jerusalem stands at the crossroads of civilization, faith and history, holding within its gates, relevance and meaning to billions of people around the world. A city that is relevant for its inhabitants is a city that provides opportunities for its residents.

The Jerusalem Foundation creates opportunities for: Economic Growth, Education, Vulnerable Populations, Dialogue and Shared Living, Arts and Culture, Heritage Preservation

The Foundation’s projects impact and influence the development of the city and enhance Jerusalem’s contribution to the world.  We identify and respond to the needs of the city while advancing values of Tikun Olam (repairing the world).  We share Jerusalem with partners and friends from around the world and inspire new generations to love the eternal city.

This is your share in Jerusalem.

In 50 years, the Jerusalem Foundation, in cooperation with friends around the world, has invested more than a billion dollars in Jerusalem. Over 4,000 initiatives, both capital projects and long-running programs, the community and cultural infrastructure of Jerusalem, have been supported around the city.

We are committed to building philanthropic partnerships, working hand in hand with the Jerusalem Municipality, and cooperating with the city’s major organizations, to shape the future of Jerusalem by creating a flourishing city as a source of inspiration for its people and the world, preserving its past and laying the groundwork for a dynamic future.