Ready to start thinking about your teaching proposal?

Limmud Vancouver 2018 will take place on April 14-15. We’ll be ready for session proposals in October. Please consider sending one! The process is open to all – even if you presented in 2016.

Great proposals become great sessions – and great sessions make a great conference.

Sessions can engage any topic of Jewish interest: texts, literature, history, culture, music, social action and more. Formats vary; we’ve had lecture, discussion, dance, art, music, meditation, and more! Audiences vary, too. You can design a session for adults, families, and even children.

From the proposals we receive, we will select as many as we can – given time and space limitations – to create a diverse program for our diverse audience.

Is presenting at Limmud worth your time? The city of Jerusalem thinks so. Limmud International was awarded the 2017 Jerusalem Unity Prize, in recognition of its global impact.

Wondering if your proposal idea is suitable? Feel free to run it by Shirley Hyman, Limmud Vancouver Program Chair, at