Limmud Vancouver: February 29-March 1, 2020
Where Jewish Learning Comes Alive

Yes, Limmud is back! Each year we invite four guest teachers from out of town, and we're excited to announce our guests for 2020:

Joshua Maroof, Rabbi of the Orthodox Magen David Sephardic Congregation in Maryland, has spoken out in support of women in Torah leadership roles in the Orthodox community. His teachings model the application of traditional Jewish methods of critical thought and moral analysis to matters of public policy.

Tirtsah Levie Bernfeld is a historian in Amsterdam specializing in European Jewish history of the early modern period. She focuses in particular on social aspects of the Sephardi community of early modern Amsterdam.

Irwin Keller is the spiritual leader of Congregation Ner Shalom in Sonoma County, California. His challenging, humorous and poignant drashot speak to issues of Torah, Israel, queerness, hope and the Divine.

Aviva Chernick is an award-winning singer based in Toronto, who has brought her voice in music and prayer to communities and congregations around the globe. Singing in Hebrew, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), Yiddish and English, she has had the pleasure of making music with many wonderful musicians.

“LimmudVan is one of few opportunities for Jews of the greater Vancouver region to come together, to break out of their denominational boxes and recognize their common heritage, history, and shared contemporary concerns, and to learn from amazing faculty, local and international, from chicken soup to Zohar.”
Ross Andelman
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