Vancouver Limmudniks offer our prayers to Limmuds all over the world, especially those that have been cancelled because of the pandemic. We wish everyone well and we all look forward to the time we can gather again, in person, for a festival of Jewish learning!

LimmudVan '20        Feb 29 & March 1

We came, we sang and we learned! LimmudVan’20 was a big success, thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who worked hard to make it so. May we reconvene in 2022 for more learning, music, friends and fun.

I've been to every Limmud Vancouver and it's become one of my favourite days in the Jewish calendar. Everyone is primed to be curious and open to new ideas. The sessions reflect a huge range of interests and approaches. Even the food is great!
Faith Jones

LimmudVan’20 will be held at Congregation Beth Israel.
989 West 28th Avenue in Vancouver


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