Yes, we would love your help!

Limmud events are built from the ground up by a community for a community — created, planned, and run by volunteers. Volunteer energy, creativity, and dedication make LimmudVan possible each year. Each Limmud eventis unique, reflecting the community that put it together.

Our team has all kinds of opportunities for you to get involved in. From a few hours helping out on the day of the event to core roles as organizers and leaders, there is bound to be something for you!

All our volunteers are “volunticipants.” Volunteers register for the event and participate. If you are volunteering for a job that is on the day of the event, the job will take up one to two hours at most. The rest of the day, you are free to participate, attend sessions and enjoy the day!

Here are a couple of volunteer positions we need to fill:

1. Tech Maven Many Limmud presenters want to use PowerPoint to enhance their presentations, and some or them need help making the technology work. Limmud needs 4-5 people with the skills to help them, and we also need someone to organize and manage those people. Between now and February, you’ll recruit some friends to be the helpers, and then with the Limmud administrator, you’ll assign them to rooms at the venue. One or two of the tech people will help with the set-up of projectors and screens of the Friday before Limmud, and with packing up on Sunday after Limmud is finished.
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2. Publicity and Outreach Yes, you know about Limmud. But so many others don’t – and they would certainly appreciate the excitement and growth from being with us. Be part of an active team getting the word out – especially to those members of the community not normally reached by the usual communications channels. This role will require 1-2 hours a week, fairly consistently between now and Limmud, but the good news is that you don’t have come to any meetings!
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