General FAQs

Registration will open in early 2018.
To get a sense of the day, take a look at the 2016 schedule.

The day of learning begins at 8:50 a.m. (doors open for registration and coffee at 8:15). The day is divided into five time slots, with lunch served at 1:20 pm after the third time slot.

Each time slot has eight concurrent sessions. Everyone creates their own day of learning, looking over the eight choices in each time slot and picking the session they wish to join.

There is no pre-registration for any of the sessions. All sessions are open to all participants on a first-come, first-served basis, until all seats are filled. Once a room is full, new arrivals are encouraged to go to their second choice.

There is no pre-registration for any of the sessions. Just go to the classroom where the session will be held. Once a room is full, new arrivals will be stopped at the door. If you are turned away, dash off to your second choice. You have eight choices every hour and five hours of presentations throughout the day.

Absolutely. We’ll have coffee/tea and snacks ready when you arrive and throughout the day.
Sunday lunch will be kosher, pareve (dairy-free), and nut-free, catered by Nava Creative Kosher Cuisine and will include salad, fruit, and dessert. Dairy-free and gluten-free diets can be accommodated. All food served meets BCK standards. Make your selection when you register.
Limmud Vancouver is working with counsellors from Camp Miriam to organize child care.

No problem. Pay what you can. Nobody should miss out on LimmudVan just because of money. You will find a “Pay what you can” option on the registration form, or phone our Registrar once registration has opened.

Volunteerism is a key feature of Limmud, building together a community of Jewish learners. We encourage participants to take an active part in making Limmud happen. We hope that all volunteers participate and all participants volunteer.
There are gluten-free and dairy-free options all day long. We don’t serve nuts. But if you have some seriously unusual food requirements we might not be able to meet them. Please talk to our registrar once registration has opened.
When online registration opens in early 2018, you will be able to pay for your registration using Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal.

If you don’t want to register online or you’d rather pay by cheque, please talk to our registrar, after registration has opened. You’ll be able to leave a phone message. A real human being will call you back to assist with any questions and help you finalize registration.

If you are able to offer accommodation for Limmud presenters and participants from out of town and you live relatively close to the venue, please let us know. This would be hugely appreciated. There will be an opportunity to note this on the registration form at the time of registration, and our hospitality coordinator will contact you.

Presenters FAQs

Limmud Vancouver is one of over 80 Limmud events held around the world by local communities. Limmud is an independent organisation, unattached to any denominational movement or Jewish institutional organisation, and is run almost entirely by volunteers.

If you wish to contact the Limmud Vancouver Team, you can email us at

Jews of all ages and religious orientations, from Vancouver, the lower mainland and from across BC and Seattle. Non-Jews are also welcome and have attended. Only a small minority of participants work professionally for the Jewish community – most are simply interested in learning.
Unfortunately not. Limmud is dependent on the dedication of its volunteers, and a very small budget. The participatory ethos of Limmud means that a large number of participants will be giving sessions, and the vast majority of these will be paying their own way. Limmud Vancouver is only able to occasionally cover flight and registration costs for a small number of out of town presenters.
What type of sessions are given at Limmud Conference?

Sessions run all day, taking a wide variety of formats – from lectures to workshops, debates to exercise classes, performances to panels – and covering all areas of Jewish life.

How long should my session last?

Most sessions last 60 minutes.

How many sessions may I give?

This is entirely up to you, however if you want to run more than two sessions please send us an email before filling out the Session Form.

How many people will attend my session?

That is impossible to tell. The best way to encourage people to attend your sessions is to make sure that the titles and descriptions which you provide for the Programme Handbook are interesting and attractive to the prospective audience. There will usually be around eight sessions happening concurrently for participants to chose from. Having said that, if you need to restrict the numbers attending for any reason, do indicate this when submitting your proposal.

If relevant, what knowledge of Hebrew/Talmud/Jewish/Historical knowledge should I expect from people attending my sessions?

Participants at Limmud Conference come from across the entire Jewish spectrum in terms of background, experience and knowledge. So as not to exclude anyone, we recommend that handouts be accessible to those with a limited knowledge of Hebrew and texts, and that you supply texts in translation wherever possible. If a particular session does require more advanced knowledge in a particular area, or proficiency in Hebrew, please indicate this clearly in your proposal, so that the session can be identified as such in the Programme Handbook.

Can I give two linked sessions?

Yes, certainly. they can enable you to teach in greater depth. We refer to these series of sessions as ‘Intensives.’

If you decide to offer a series of linked sessions, but each session in the series can also be attended on its own (ie without having attended the previous sessions), do make sure to make this clear in the session description.

What other types of sessions are there?

As well as straightforward lectures, there are a whole variety of types of sessions – workshops, panel debates, art classes, music jam sessions and so on. Think creatively.


How can I tell you about the resources and equipment I need for my sessions?

There is space on the Proposal Form to notify us of any resources you require.

Will you photocopy my handouts for me?

If you can bring your own copies with you that would be enormously helpful. If you are not able to make copies yourself, you can send them to us, and we will be able to produce copies for you. We will let you know nearer the time what the deadline is for requesting copies.

I am a musician – will there be sound technicians to help me set up?

Members of the Limmud team will be able to help you set up and ensure you can connect to a sound system electronically if necessary. If you require live amplification (eg a PA system), let us know in the Proposal Form when you submit.

May I sell my books/CDs?

Yes, please let us know if you would like to bring any materials to be sold in the communal areas of Limmud Vancouver.

Can I distribute information about my organisation?

You are welcome to bring a small number of flyers and other printed matter to Limmud , and these will be displayed along with those from other organisations on a table in a communal area. We request that you do not distribute these at sessions. If your organisation would like to have its own stand, please get in touch at

Hotels: Registration materials will provide suggested nearby hotels.

Home Stay and Hosting: If you are from out of town and would prefer to be hosted rather than stay in a hotel, please note this in your proposal submission form. Our hospitality coordinator will do their best to find you suitable accommodations.

The cost of Limmud Vancouver includes food:

All food will be provided by BCK certified catering.

•Sat night event – Appetizers and desserts, party style
•Lunch on Sunday

•Coffee/tea and snacks ready when you arrive and throughout the day.

Meals will be vegetarian but including fish. They will not contain meat or shellfish.

Tea, coffee, drinks and snacks will be provided throughout the weekend.

Dietary requirements

We endeavour to cater for all dietary requirements – please indicate clearly your dietary needs on the application form and if necessary we will be in touch to discuss these with you further.


Just as there is no typical age or religious orientation at Limmud, there’s no dress code either. Most people dress casually. You will feel perfectly fine wearing whatever you usually wear.
Limmud will be held at Congregation Beth Israel, 989 W. 28th Avenue, Vancouver. Underground parking is available, and two local buses stop nearby.

If you are an out of town presenter, we will provide detailed directions to the venue and about your accommodations. We are happy to discuss your travel plans with you and help wherever we can.

If needed we will help you with transport to and from the airport and to the Limmud venue.